November 2011: Preview/Predictions

Watch as the Caps take down the Red Wings to extend their win streak to 7.

October was without a doubt a very successful month for the Caps. With a 7-2 record to start off the season, theres not much to complain about. However, that was then, this is now. So how will November fare for the Caps?

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Game Previews and Predictions

Caps VS Ducks – 11/1/11

No Green, Halpern, Beagle, or Neuvy. Hello Erskine (season debut), Cody Eakin (NHL debut), Vokoun (10th straight start…no comment), and possibly DJ King? After losing two straight, we’ll see how this game goes. If all goes well, the Caps will rebound and put those two losses from out West behind them. Something tells me they might not though.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 3 Ducks 0

Realist’s Prediction: Ducks 4 Caps 3

Caps @ Hurricanes – 11/4/11

The Caps have already seen Carolina once this year, resulting in a win on home ice for the home/season opener. However, that was at home and this game is on the road. At the start of November, Carolina is 2-1-1 at home, making it so that this game could go either way. Lets hope it goes in the favor of the Caps.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 3 Carolina 2

Realist’s Prediction: Caps 3 Carolina 2

Caps @ Islanders – 11/5/11

The Caps’ first trip to New York this season, but will it be a win? At first thought, it’s the Islanders, of course it will be a win. But second thought, it’s the Islanders, a young team similar to Edmonton that isn’t the greatest but has the talent to be a good team. Remember who gave the Caps their first loss this season? Thats right, Edmonton.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 5 Islanders 1

Realist’s Prediction: Islanders 3 Caps 2

Caps VS Stars – 11/8/11

Wait, who’s still on the Stars? No one? Hmm, thats what I thought.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 4 Stars 1

Realist’s Predictinon: Caps 3 Stars 1

Caps @ Devils – 11/11/11

Brodeur’s still on the team? Hmm, maybe he’ll be out with another “upper body injury” or whatever their excuse was for his old man symptoms. Despite this, the Devils still should be seen as a threat, especially on their home ice.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 5 Devils 4

Realist’s Prediction: Devils 4 Caps 2

Caps VS Devils – 11/12/11

Same as above, but expect the loser of the previous game to come out a lot stronger. Regardless, the fact that the Caps are playing at home is a good reason to believe the Caps will most likely win this game.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 3 Devils 0

Realist’s Prediction: Caps 3 Devils 1

Caps @ Predators – 11/15/11

Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber in Nashville. Enough said. This will be an interesting game to watch.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 4 Predators 2

Realist’s Prediction: Predators 3 Caps 0

Caps @ Jets – 11/17/11

This game will be the Caps first time playing the new Jets, as well as their first time in Winnipeg’s MTS Center…except for members of the Bear’s 2009 Calder Cup Champions who beat the former Manitoba Moose, the previous tenants of the MTS Center. They might have a new name, logo, jerseys, city, coaching staff, front office, and owners, but the majority of the players on the team are still the same players from Atlanta; a team that went 34-36-12 last season. I’ll take the Caps on this one.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 4 Jets 0

Realist’s Prediction: Caps 3 Jets 1

Caps @ Maple Leafs – 11/19/11

Wait, the Leafs lead their division heading into November and Phil Kessel leads the league in goals (10) and points (18)? Surely this can’t last…or will it?

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 4 Leafs 0

Realist’s Prediction: Leafs 2 Caps 1

Caps VS Coyotes – 11/21/11

So Bryzgalov is gone and they got that Smith guy from Tampa? This won’t be good…for the Coyotes. If the Caps are smart, this should be an easy win. However, something tells me it won’t.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 3 Coyotes 0

Realist’s Prediction: Coyotes 3 Caps 1

Caps VS Jets – 11/23/11

See preview above from the last Jets game.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 6 Jets 0

Realist’s Prediction: Caps 4 Jets 1

Caps VS Rangers – 11/25/11

Watch the Caps eliminate the Rangers in the 2011 NHL playoffs

The Rangers signed this offseason’s biggest free agent, Brad Richards, but will it pay off? Expect the Rangers to play a bit harder in this game seeing it’s the first time these two teams face off against each other since Game 5 of last year’s playoffs when the Caps eliminated the Rangers. Oh yeah, the Rangers have some goalie called Lundqvist or something.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 4 Rangers 2

Realist’s Prediction Caps 3 Rangers 2

Caps @ Sabres – 11/26/11

Ryan Miller in Buffalo…should be interesting.

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 2 Sabres 1

Realist’s Prediction: Sabers 2 Caps 1

Caps VS Blues – 11/29/11

Who do the Blues have again?

Nosebleeder’s Prediction: Caps 3 Blues 1

Realist’s Prediction: Caps 4 Blues 2

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