Caps Look Sloppy in 5-2 Loss to Stars

It was not a typical night in the District, as the hometown Caps were gunned down by the boys from the Lonestar State. Final score 5-2.

The Dallas Stars came into Verizon and showed the Capitals faithful why they are currently the best team in the Western Conference, earning their league best eleventh victory. The Stars were in constant command of the game throughout, not only on the scoreboard but also on the ice. The Caps never got anything going consistently on the offensive end, and when they did, Finnish backstop Kari Lehtonen was there to stuff them on all but a few of the opportunities.

From this viewer’s eyes, the whole game seemed to be very back and forth, but not in an exciting type of way. Both teams were constantly on the rush, but the constant back and forth was like sitting watching a pendulum until the point where you couldn’t keep your eyes open. These are the type of games that the Caps should have no problem winning with all of their combined skill. However, when you lose every little battle, whether that be a face off in the offensive zone or a fight for a puck along the boards, you cannot expect to win the game.

After two Michael Ryder goals sandwiching an Alex Semin snipe in the first period, Johnny “Captain America” Carlson scored the only tally of the second period.

Then it all broke down for the Caps.

The Stars took a stranglehold of the game in the final frame, scoring 3 goals in just over 8 minutes. The Caps looked very sloppy the entire night and never created anything for the faithful at the Phone Booth to get excited about. Penalty killing woes continued, as the Caps gave up another goal on the power play.

The only thing that I can reason from this disappointing loss is that the Caps are going through a bit of what I like to call the “Halak Complex.” In my opinion (although it is biased), the best way to beat the Caps is to have a hot goalie. And Lehotonen is on fire. Not much you can do about that if you’re the Caps, although a little crisper play would definitely help.

The Caps next two games are a home-and-home series with New Jersey.

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Just would like to end this first post by thanking my man Drew Hallman, the editor of this amazing blog. Hopefully I can help and contribute enough to give Drew the attention that he rightfully deserves for this blog. Like Drew, I’m a Nosebleeder for life, so let’s grab a beer and talk some hockey.

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