Enough is Enough

Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau with a sad look on his face after Saturday's loss to Buffalo (Image: Caps 365)

The Capitals’ mental toughness, or possible lack there of, is quickly becoming a hot topic in the media, as well as now in the dressing room.

Following Saturday’s inexcusable loss to Buffalo, young defenseman Karl Alzner held nothing back, telling reporters, “There’s definitely [a] lack of confidence.” Alzner also went on to say that it’s hard to gain back confidence, especially when “everyone comes to the rink and they’re down.”

Adding to Alzner’s thoughts, Jason Chimera, current team leader in goals (9), said in his post game interview, “If you’re not gonna be ready to work one game, you’re not gonna win.” Though, Chimera might have nailed it on the head when he told reporters, “It stems right down from your top guys.”

It’s no secret, the Caps’ top players aren’t performing like top players, but is there another “top guy” who is currently just as bad as the players?

With a worn-out and sad look on his face, Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau quietly answered reporters’ questions following his team’s embarrassing loss on Saturday.

“Sometimes we’re not mentally strong,” Boudreau stated. “[We haven’t] had a lot of adversity in the last four years unless it was in the playoffs.”

It shows; players and coaches alike.

Something has to give. New coach? New captain? More consistent line parings? Luckily for the Caps it’s still early enough in the season that they can still turn things around. However, the clock is ticking and the window of opportunity won’t last forever. Time to suck it up and act like professionals.

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