Where in the World are the Caps?

Say, ya think you can play hockey on that pool? (Photo: @GreenLife52)

For a few, the All-Star break is an unforgettable weekend spent in the spotlight of the NHL. Of course, these few that I’m talking about are the players selected to go and participate in the All-Star Weekend events. Though, what do the all the other players in the NHL do during their extended weekend? More specifically, how did all of the Caps players spend their time during the All-Star break?

In the past, these questions might be hard to answer. However, in today’s world they are very easy questions to answer thanks to the power of Twitter.

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Alex Ovechkin

(Photo: @mtaubenfeld94)

The man that everyone is talking about! After deciding not to go to this year’s All-Star Weekend, Ovechkin chose to spend his weekend soaking up the sun in the wonderful city of Miami. Though, apparently he did a bit more than just soak up the sun. Wanna see more of his time in Miami? If so, click here.

Mike Green

This just in: Mike Green has switched careers from pro hockey player to photographer for the cover of National Geographic. (Photo: @GreenLife52)

Despite getting plenty of rest lately, Green still deserves a vacation. Destination of choice? The Cayman Islands. Enjoy it while you can Greenie, we’ll need ya well rested back in DC.

Karl Alzner

Alzner and the lady friend on the pond in NYC. (Photo: @karlalzner)

Unlike his teammates who spent the weeekend vacationing in the warm weather, Alzner decided to spend his time in the Big Apple. While there, he saw a comedy show, went shopping, saw polar bears at the Zoo, checked out FAO “Swartz,” went skating in figure skates, and was told he looked like Inspector Gadget. Sounds like a great time to me.

John Carlson

"It was thiiiis biiiig" (Photo: @JohnCarlson74)

Not too sure where the guy they call Captain America spent his weekend, but apparently it was Paradiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Based off of the picture above, I’d have to agree.

Update: As pointed out by some of our readers, it appears that Carlson was also in the Cayman Islands with fellow blueliner, Mike Green. Check it out!

Joel Ward

Check out Ward and his "bruhs" learning how to use chopsticks. Looks fancy, care to share some food there, Joel? (Photo: @JRandalWard42)

For Ward, the sun down south and the crowded city of New York aren’t for him. Instead, he decided to spend his All-Star Break in Las Vegas. Hotel of choice? The Cosmopolitan.

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson at the Amsoil Arena on Lake Superior. (Photo: @jimjohnson06)

He’s not a player anymore, but we can still include the coaches in this too, right? Unlike the warm weather most of the players enjoyed, Jim Johson went up North for some more hockey and some snow.

Cody Eakin

(Photo courtesy of JustSports Photography)

Oh to be young. While all the NHLers are off enjoying their time at rich and fancy destinations, Cody did what most young developing players did: spent the weekend in the AHL. Eakin played in back to back games in Norfolk against the Admirals, the AHL affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately for Eakin, both games resulted in a loss. Despite the two losses, Eakin still managed to get an assist.

Correction: Despite being listed as a loss on the Bear’s schedule on their website, the second game in Norfolk actually ended up being a Bear’s win, not loss, as pointed out by one of our readers. Sorry for any confusion.

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  1. FYI – I was at the second game in Norfolk and Hershey won that game.

  2. We later learned who Carlson spending time with on vacation. None other than Mike Green!!

    Link here: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyjuhcZ2271qfjn20o1_500.png

  3. Carly was with Greenie

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