Is the 8th Seed the Best of All Options?

Surely no one expected the Eastern Conference standings to look like this at this point of the season, but is this actually the best of all options for the Caps?

When participating in any kind of competitive event, it is always most desired to finish in first. Though, should this be the case for the Caps and the regular season standings?

In years past, the regular season has been a breeze for the Caps. Piling up win after win, Washington has slipped right into the postseason with ease for the past three seasons. After this though, they have always failed miserably. Could this year be different?

Under Pressure

Let’s be honest, basically no one likes being under pressure. For the Caps, pressure usually only leads to failure. If the Caps are a very low seed, will they feel the same kind of pressure? Or maybe will they still feel pressure, but this time a different, more positive pressure?

Just ask the President’s Trophy winning Caps what the 8th seed means…

After completing the most successful regular season in franchise history during the 2009-2010 NHL regular season, the President’s Trophy winning Caps were quickly erased from the playoffs by the eighth seed Montreal Canadiens. This chain of events has forever scared all those in DC and also has hopefully shown the Caps once and for all that it doesn’t matter what seed you are.

Also, during the same season as mentioned above, the Philadelphia Flyers were a shootout loss away from missing out on the playoffs. Despite this, the Flyers were able to eventually make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately for their sake, they eventually lost to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Hello Rangers, we meet again…

Currently leading the East with 105 points, it’s almost safe to assume that the New York Rangers will receive the top seed in the East. If this is the case and if the Capitals end up receiving the eighth seed in the East, the two will play each other in the first round of the playoffs for the second year in a row and the third time in four years. Speaking of recent playoff years, the only team that the Capitals have been able to eliminate from the playoffs since their Stanley Cup run in the late 90s has been the New York Rangers. You know what they say about history repeating itself…

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