The Baltimore Hockey Classic Returns for 2012


If last year’s steamy hot, ice-less Baltimore Hockey Classic wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got good news!

Announced today by the Washington Capitals, Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena will serve as the Caps’ temporary home during the NHL preseason for the second year in a row. The game known as The Baltimore Hockey Classic presented by W.R. Grace is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012. This midweek 7PM showdown will be played against the ever exciting Columbus Blue Jackets. Yes, the same team that finished last place in the NHL last season.

While still an enjoyable event, last year’s BHC came with much struggle.

For starters, the ice conditions were pretty terrible, as expected for a place that hadn’t hosted a hockey game in 14 years. First there were cracks in the ice, then it became wet and soupy, and finally parts of the ice had completely melted by the boards as the game came to and end, revealing dangerous patches of cement for skaters to get tripped up on. Additionally, the inside of the arena began to soon feel more like a sauna than an ice rink as the game progressed. Though, it would be surprising if the Caps did not set certain conditions to prevent this from happening again before they agreed to play in another BHC.

Despite these negative struggles last year, there was also a lot of positive things about the BHC.

For one, Baltimore was able to celebrate is history of hockey within the city. During intermissions and time-outs, former players who spent time professionally in Baltimore were featured on the jumbotron above center-ice to tell stories and reminisce about all the positive memories made while playing here in Baltimore. Additionally, in the arena’s concourse, exhibits were set up displaying authentic, game-worn sweaters from every professional team that had ever played in Baltimore. Last year’s BHC also provided a very positive return for the local economy. It was speculated last year that the BHC brought in about $1 million.

Tickets go on sale for full-season ticket holders at 10AM on Friday, April 20. For everyone else, Tickets go on sale at 10AM on Monday, April 23. Exact prices are still unknown, but if they’re the same as last year, they’ll start at $36 and increase from there.

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Pictures from last year’s Baltimore Hockey Classic:

The ceremonial puck drop (Photo: Andrew Hallman)

A look at the tight benches for each team. Both backup goalies had to spend the night away by the exit in the corner of the rink. (Photo: Andrew Hallman)

A view of the entire arena as the game went on (Photo: Andrew Hallman)

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