Caps fans plan to fight back with Ovi chants of their own in Game 3

Image: NHL Network Online

Remember last year when former Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau claimed that the fans in New York’s Madison Square Garden weren’t as loud as the ones in the Verizon Center, causing the fans in MSG to start chants of “Can you hear us?” only to be followed up with “We are louder” chants the following game at VC? Well, both sides are back at it again this year.

In Saturday’s Game 1 at MSG, Rangers fans started chants of “Ovi sucks” at the 8 minute mark of every period:

So did the chants have any effect Ovechkin?

Ovechkin was held off of the score sheet in Game 1, but scored the game winner in Game 2 on a beautiful powerplay rip from the point. Following his goal, Ovechkin put his hand by his ear to say “I can’t hear you” to all of MSG.

With the series on its way to DC tonight for Game 3, Capitals fans plan to have a similar chant to counteract the ones from MSG. Leading the charge as he usually does, Verizon Center’s very own “The Horn Guy” plans to start a different Ovechkin chant at the 8 minute mark of every period:

After urging fans to participate in the Ovix8 chant, The Horn Guy also reminded fans of one other thing:

So remember Caps fans, if you’re at the game tonight, do as The Horn Guy says and chant Ovi 8 times at the 8 minute mark of every period. Also, if you’re at the game and happen to get a video of the chants, we’d love you forever if you sent it our way to be used in another post recapping the Ovix8 chants.

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