Thoughts Going Into Game 6 – Are the Capitals A Championship Worthy Team?

If Coors Light is worthy of the Stanley Cup, shouldn’t even the Columbus Blue Jackets be worthy of the Stanley Cup? So why not the Capitals? – Image: Molson Coors

Shortly after I angrily turned off my TV after the Capitals heartbreaking Game 5 loss, I came to a scary realization.

Championship teams don’t give up the lead with only a few seconds left in the game, even if they’re being outmanned 6 to 4. Further, championship teams will somehow find a way to tie up games, even when there’s only a matter of seconds left.

Game over. Series over. Season over. See ya next year.

But wait, don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

The more and more I thought through the Caps situation in my head, the harder it was to accept the fact that the season might end on Wednesday for the Caps. This team had a (basically) horrible regular season. Yet, they still made it to the postseason. Further, this team had to play the reigning Stanley Cup champions in the first round of the playoffs and despite this daunting task, the Caps still pulled out a series win. But it wasn’t an easy series win. This was a hardnosed series. Tighter than most series ever are. So tight that Game 7 had to go to overtime. On the road, in overtime, in Game 7, and against the reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Capitals, the team who had a terrible regular season and the team that everyone gave up on, still managed to win the series.

So back to realization that I had earlier.

Originally I thought that to be a championship worthy team, you couldn’t give up the lead with only a few seconds left, even when outmanned. However, after the way this season has gone so far, I realized that I wasn’t fully understanding the circumstances, and was giving up on the Caps too easily.

The series is far from over, and the Caps know it. Now it’s time for them to show it to the world in Game 6.

Championship teams don’t give up the lead with only a few seconds left in the game, even if they’re outmanned 6 to 4, and then lose the crucial game that follows.

Championship teams might give up a game tying goal with only a few seconds left in the game, but still manage to bounce back in the next game and force a Game 7.

The window of opportunity is still very much open.

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