Goodbye, Knuble


Everyone knew it was probably coming, but most tried to keep their hopes up that maybe it wouldn’t actually happen.

However, the news broke on Wednesday morning (via Katie Carrera of the Washington Post) that Mike Knuble, a huge favorite among the fans, would not be returning to the Capitals roster next season.

Though, it should be noted that Knuble’s departure is not by choice. Without a contract, the Capitals chose to part ways with the soon to be 40-year-old Knuble, probably mostly due to age.


We’ll miss ya, Mike. You helped make my life very enjoyable on many occasions…the Winter Classic, that fateful Sunday game against the Penguins just after the Snowpocolypse in 2010, basically the entire 2009-2010 season, and most recently in Game 7 in Boston, just to name a few.

I really wish you could’ve gotten more time on the top line this year. For some reason though, Dale Hunter didn’t see that you played best when you were playing with some of the best. Guess a bad +/- should get anyone benched though. Ha…

Well to commemorate one of my favorite Capitals players, here’s some video’s found on YouTube. It’s ok if you cry, I did too.

1000 games…what a legend.


Winter Classic…”It’s not the Cup but it feels pretty darn good” or something like that


Wow, remember when this happened? No not just this goal, but goals like this on a daily basis.


Probably one of the most relieved/happy I’ve ever felt…


And most recently, Knuble doing what Knuble does best

Also, if you miss the 2009-2010 and miss hearing Knuble’s voice (oh baby), be sure to check out “Hockey Diaries: The Almost Season” brought to you by the great people at mediachameleon.

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