Ovechkin: “What I have in Washington I miss it”

A few weeks ago, Alex Ovechkin did an interview with Russia Today in which he touched on his life in the KHL and his feelings about the NHL lockout.

After some personal investigating, I’ve concluded that either this interview is old news and I look like an idiot because I’m just really behind on things due to my apathy caused by the lockout, or this is new-news to the masses and deserves to be talked about. Whatever the case might be, the interview is still interesting and shines light on Ovechkin’s true feelings about returning to the NHL, a topic that has taken a recent twist.

As for life in the KHL, Ovechkin says that gameplay in the KHL is different than gameplay in the NHL due to the rink size, which leads to a different speed of the game and less hits than in the NHL. He also comments on the fact that it is easier to score from the blueline in the NHL than it is in the KHL.

Next, Ovechkin gives a bit of a new perspective on the lockout. “The only problem is what I have in Washington I miss it,” Ovechkin said, much different words from the Capitals captain than what Caps fans have been hearing for the much duration of the lockout so far.

Ovi finishes the interview talking about growing up as a player and learning from mistakes…or something like that.

The bottom line: Ovechkin seems to be ready to return to DC and is ready for business.

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