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Preview: Caps host Habs, look to avoid 0-3 start to shortened season (1/24/13)

Ovechkin Upends SubbanMaybe this is why Subban still hasn’t re-signed with the Habs – Photo by Clyde Caplan,

Previous season’s match ups:

Game 1 (1/18/12) Game 2 (2/4/12) Game 3 (2/24/12) Game 4 (3/31/12)
@ Habs @ Habs vs Habs vs Habs
Win: 3-0 Win: 3-0 Win: 4-1 Win: 3-2

Still in search of the team’s first win of the season, the Washington Capitals play host to the Montreal Canadiens tonight. After a sloppy start in Tampa Bay on Saturday that resulted in a loss, things got even sloppier Tuesday night in another loss for the Capitals, this time during their home opener. It’s not time to throw in the towel yet, but it sure will feel like it if the Caps can’t come away with a win in this one. Winners in their last game played, will the Canadiens go for their second win in a row or will the Caps finally record their first win of the season?

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Will Holtby live up to the expectations?

DSC_0250Photo: Tim Horsey

We all remember how great Holtby was last postseason, but is he the real deal? Honestly, I’m not sold.

Remember that time that a young Russian netminder by the name of Semyon Varlamov came up from Hershey to bail out the Caps in a best of seven series in the first round of the playoffs against the New York Rangers? If so, then remember how the Caps eventually lost game seven in round two of the playoffs to the eventual Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins?

Or how about that time that a promising young goaltender by the name of Michal Neuvirth earned a full time roster spot with the Caps after coming off of winning back-to-back Calder Cup championships in the AHL, even winning playoff MVP one of those years? Yeah, the one that, like Varlamov, helped the Caps eliminate the Rangers in round one of the playoffs. Then, again similarly to Varlamov, Neuvy and the Caps were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs after they were swept, repeat SWEPT, by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Capitals Recall G Dany Sabourin

(Photo courtesy of JustSports Photography)

Officially announced by the Washington Capitals this morning, goalie Dany Sabourin has been recalled from the Hershey Bears. With both Vokoun and Neuvirth out of the lineup due to injury, Braden Holtby needs a backup. And no, it won’t be Caps PR director Sergey Kocharov this time.

Sabourin, 31, has not played in an NHL regular season game since January of 2009. Further, Sabourin’s last NHL regular season win dates all the way back to December of 2008.

While the stats above might be a bit of an eyebrow raiser, so might his recent stats from playing in the AHL; though a different kind of eyebrow raiser this time. Recently in the month of March, Sabourin went 8-1-1 with the Hershey Bears. Further, Sabourin also had a 7-game winning streak during his 8-1-1 stretch. As a whole, Sabourin is 18-11-5 with the Bears this season and has a 2.81 goals-against average and a .906 save percentage.

The Caps’ current goalie situation can pretty much be compared to using duct tape to fix something. It might not be perfect, but it will work…hopefully.

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Caps Make Big Changes in Net

Is that who I think it is? (Photo: Sergey Kocharov)

After receiving average goaltending for the better part of this season, Washington has decided to make some moves regarding the team’s netminders. Big moves.

No trades or AHL recalls here, just a position swap.

Experiencing stat woes of his own, Alex Ovechkin has decided to switch his position on the ice. No, he’s not playing defense, we all know how well that has gone. You guessed it, Ovi is now playing goalie. Forget Olie the Goalie, the Caps now have Ovi the Goalie…or Goalvie, I guess.

So you don’t believe us? Good. While Ovi isn’t switching to play goalie anytime soon, he did, however, swap gear with teammate Michal Neuvirth and took a few shots in net during Friday’s team practice. Who knows, maybe he even learned a thing or two about scoring goals by watching from another perspective.

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New Season, New Goalie Masks

See ya later old mask! (Photo:

With a new season, comes the possibility of other new things such as new players, new team strategies, a new mindset, and so on and so forth. Though, there is one new thing that the Caps will definitely have this year: new goalie masks.

A new season means a new mask for young Czech goalie Michal Neuvirth. Entering his sophomore year with the Caps, Neuvy will be sporting a new mask that is still similar to the one he wore last season. As is the case with all of the masks made for him, Neuvy’s new mask has been designed and painted by goalie mask artist David Gunnarsson.

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